Smart City

Nova Vector is transforming cities with efficient water management, optimized waste systems, intelligent traffic monitoring, and real-time insights via City Vector. Discover how our technology revolutionizes urban functionality, elevating the quality of city life.

Smart Water Management

Revolutionizing water management, our Smart Water Solutions deploy non-intrusive Surface Mounted Sensors and advanced analytics for early leak detection. Result: substantial water savings, increased utility revenue, and heightened environmental sustainability. In many cases leakages in the pipes are not visible from the surface. It leads to excessive and unkneaded water consumption and loss of income for utility companies and local communities. Some case studies show that 44% of the water in Rome, Italy is wasted in unnoticed leakages. World average is 25-30% of water loss annually. There is direct impact to finance of utility companies and to environment. Explore the impact of our technical innovations in leak detection and precision irrigation for urban areas.

Our solution for smart water management

  • Surface Mounted Sensors on the pipes that measure water flow (no need to change the pipes or make holes to mount sensors).
  • Analytics that based on gathered data locates leaking pipes early and can create maintenance tasks.
  • In later phases we can develop predictive AI/ML models which can predict the locations where the leakage can occur.

Smart Waste Management

Our Smart Waste Solutions use sensors to measure the fill-level of garbage containers, real-time data to optimize truck routes, and a centralized platform to coordinate waste management. This approach reduces fuel costs and emissions while increasing sustainability. Our solution has been successfully implemented in Rotterdam, Netherlands, reducing garbage truck mileage by 20%, converting static routes, and decreasing the number of trucks needed. We also offer other examples, such as preventing sewer blockages with real-time sewage level measurements and smart monitoring of manhole covers to ensure safety and environmental friendliness in urban waste management.

Trafic Monitoring and Smart Parking

Our Traffic Monitoring and Smart Parking solutions employ integrated smart cameras for precise data on people flow, traffic patterns, and vehicle speeds. Upholding privacy, only numeric values are transmitted to our platform, ensuring the anonymity of individuals. Administrators can set alarms for automatic city service alerts, tracking tasks and resolution times. Additionally, our platform features parking sensors for real-time tracking of public parking occupancy. Experience the future of seamless urban traffic management and smart parking with Nova Vector.

City Vector

Empowering cities with comprehensive insights, our Nova Vector platform introduces the City Vector unique KPI that delivers real-time status updates on traffic, water, electricity, gas consumption, public parking occupancy, air quality, and community and healthcare building utilization. Unlocking possibilities, our Open API ensures secure and controlled access to real-time data streams, fostering innovation and collaboration. Additionally, our platform provides opportunity to monetize access to anonymized data streams, driving a sustainable future for urban development.