Nova Vector Platform

Nova Vector platform has the potential to capture data that has eluded manufacturers for many years. The results are greater revenue earned from higher levels of compliance, manufacturing quality, and delighted customers.

Open Source

Nova Vector adopts an open-source approach under the Apache License 2.0, which fosters collaboration and connection between users and the platform. Our platform provides users with access to the source code, enabling them to modify and distribute it freely. This collaborative environment nurtures innovation and allows for the customization of solutions to meet specific needs. Additionally, the community-driven and transparent nature of Nova Vector ensures ongoing updates from dedicated developers, thereby ensuring robustness and security.


Nova Vector's architecture is designed to efficiently integrate multiple tenants while ensuring logical separation. With our platform, organizations of any size can benefit from a single software instance serving numerous tenants, optimizing resource utilization and offering scalability. You can leverage our platform's multi-tenancy and role-based access control features to ensure that asset management is precise and secure.

Support for OAuth 2/ODIC

As a part of our IoT platform "Nova Vector", we offer a smooth and secure integration with OAuth 2.0, enabling a convenient and secure single sign-on experience across various applications. This means that users can log in using their social media accounts, making access management simpler and enhancing user accessibility. With Nova Vector's support for OAuth 2/OIDC, you can effortlessly streamline your login process while ensuring the highest level of security.

Integrated LoRaWAN Server

Nova Vector's Industry 4.0 Platform features a seamlessly integrated LoRaWAN server, paving the way for long-range, low-power wireless solutions. Our LoRaWAN server enables rapid deployment of LoRa IoT sensors, eliminating the need for complex wiring and making implementation swift and secure.

Built In Rules Engine

Nova Vector provides integrated Rules Engine, which is a framework for building event-based flows, that can contain messages, Rule Nodes and Rule Chains.It can process both simple and complex events. Rule Engine can help you filter and alter the incoming messages from the devices as well as connect with external systems.

Function as a Service Module

Nova Vector's FaaS module adopts serverless architecture for executing small, modular functions, simplifying logistics and maximizing resource utilization. Experience the agility and flexibility of Nova Vector's FaaS module to elevate your business performance.

Edge Computing Component

Nova Vector's advanced Edge Computing component processes data at the network's edge. Gain real-time insights and boost operational efficiency through our faster, more effective data processing solutions.