Nova Edge Computing

Nova Edge Computing processes data closer to devices and sensors, resulting in reduced disruptions, latency, and bandwidth limitations. Discover the advantages of instant insights with Nova Edge Computing.

Why Edge Computing

Nova Vector offers a comprehensive Edge Computing solution and management tools tailored to overcome traditional, centralized computing limitations. With Nova Edge, data processing moves from the data center to the factory floor, sending only key results for further analysis. Experience the efficiency of Nova Edge Computing in optimizing your data processing.

Nova Edge - Computing on the IoT Edge

Nova Edge uses the Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry project to empower seamless and robust computing on the IoT edge. The capabilities of Nova Edge can help you address various challenges related to IoT computing, such as data processing, security, and device management. Experience the performance and efficiency enhancements brought by Nova Edge in your business

EdgeX Foundry/ODIC

EdgeX Foundry, an open-source platform hosted by the Linux Foundation, presents a standardized framework for industrial IoT edge computing. Enjoy the compatibility and scalability advantages of combining Nova Vector and EdgeX Foundry, delivering seamless IoT edge computing for your enterprise. Janko Isidorovic, the founder of Nova Vector, was Chair of the Application Working Group in the Linux Foundation EdgeX Foundry from the project start until the release of EdgeX Foundry v1.0.

Modular, Microservice Architecture

Just like Nova Vector Platform, the Nova Edge is designed as a set of microservices. The Nova Edge microservices can be divided into several logical groups. Device Services provide connections to the devices and sensors. Core Services are responsible for device management, sending commands to connected devices, and configuration of the edge server. Supporting Services consist of Rule Engine, Scheduling, and Alerts and Notification services.

Realtime Data Processing on the Edge

Nova Edge enables data processing at the IoT edge. Device data streams can be forwarded to the built-in rules engine, where they can be transformed using SQL-like language. The rules engine output can be pushed to the Rest HTTP server, MQTT broker, EdgeX message bus, or log file. In addition to the rules engine, the system has Application Services that provide several standard functions for data transformation, including: Compression, conversion, encryption and Filtering Export.

Edge Server Management

Nova Vector Platform has a container management component that can be used to manage edge servers. You deploy a management container on the edge server, which connects to Nova Vector platform and enables you to deploy docker containers or docker-compose scripts to the edge server. Using the integrated FaaS component, you can develop functions on the main server, package them as containers, and push them to the edge.