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Nova Vector is a technology provider for business solutions that integrates advanced technologies with your existing systems to help you move your business forward. We are committed to offering reliable and innovative solutions that meet your needs and help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Nova Vector is technology provider
for the business solutions of the future.

Nova Vector is an open-source solution compatible with various vendors, devices, and networks, making it highly versatile and adaptable to your IoT infrastructure. Whether you prefer cloud-based or on-premises deployments, Nova Vector offers the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

User Story

Here are some of the user stories of the Nova Vector Industry 4.0 Platform.

Device and Asset Management

Nova Vector's IoT technology improves device and asset management, promoting operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

Our IoT-based solutions offer real-time visibility and control over your infrastructure.

Streamline inventory tracking, monitor equipment health, and schedule proactive maintenance using our advanced system.

With Nova Vector, you can make data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, and increase productivity.

Data Visualization

Nova Vector converts complex IoT data into comprehensible visualizations for actionable insights and well-informed decision-making.

Take full advantage of your IoT-generated data with our advanced visualization tools.

Uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and outliers through interactive charts and graphs.

Stay updated with live data streams, identify anomalies, and respond quickly using our dynamic visualizations.

Edge Computing

Nova Vector offers advanced edge computing capabilities that enable real-time data processing, enhanced security, and faster decision-making.

Improve performance and resilience in distributed IoT environments with our edge computing solutions.

Manage edge devices seamlessly, distribute workloads effectively, and strengthen data privacy.

Nova Vector's edge computing solutions give you real-time insights, reduce data transmission, and optimize your IoT investments.

Advanced Analytics & AI/ML

Nova Vector equips businesses with advanced analytics and AI/ML capabilities, facilitating predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Use our analytics and AI/ML algorithms to gain valuable insights, identify anomalies, and refine operations.

Experience the benefits of automated anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, and efficient resource allocation.

Utilize predictive models and machine learning with Nova Vector to improve processes and foster business growth.

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Here are some of the use cases of the Nova Vector Industry 4.0 Platform.

Smart Industry

Nova Vector connects systems with advanced tech for insights, maintenance, and improved efficiency.

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Empowering education with IoT, fostering interactive learning, seamless management, insightful growth.

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Smart Agriculture

Sensors, analytics, and automation enhance farming, optimizing operations for increased productivity.

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Smart Building

Transforming spaces with IoT, enhancing comfort, reducing energy usage, and enabling efficient operations.

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Smart city

Nova Vector's smart city tech optimizes water management, waste systems, and traffic/parking with sensors and AI.

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Service Providers

Empowering service providers with IoT solutions, ensuring connectivity, decisions, and great service.

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Nova Vector is technology provider for the business solutions of the future. We integrate your existing systems with advanced technologies and help you move your business forward. We offer ready to use solutions in domains of: IoT, Blockchain, Advanced Analytics.



Nova Vector provides great support services, ensuring prompt assistance and reliable solutions.

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Nova Vector delivers tailored services, ensuring seamless integration and proactive maintenance.

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Nova Vector offers training programs, equipping your team with skills to leverage tech effectively.

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